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Small group fitness class in Chelmsford

We’re proud to launch another round of our Bodyweight courses this week, as well as a new intermediate class! The Bodyweight for Beginners course is a first introduction into movement (lots more detail below!), while the Intermediate class builds on the Beginners course to offer even more variety, development and intensity.

The Intermediate Class will run on a Sunday morning at 10.30. Currently, there is only ONE REMAINING SPACE available for the next block, so please get in touch quick if you’d like to book in. We’ll be running the class right up until the Easter Holidays. If you’ve been to a general exercise class before, or perhaps currently take part in a Pilates or yoga class, this might be the perfect session to add some strength work into your weekly routine. Not sure if it’s appropriate for you? Just ask!

Bodyweight for Beginners: What you need to know

Take the first step on your fitness journey with our four week introduction to simple bodyweight exercises. You’ll learn how to safely perform a variety of exercises, giving you the tools you need to devise a home workout, return to the gym with confidence, or simply learn more about how to move.

This is not just a bodyweight exercise class where you follow the instructor and hope for the best. It will be you and three other people in our private studio, with plenty of opportunities for one-on-one coaching as you develop your skills over four sessions.

***Reserve your space by calling or texting 07736 054341***

Cost:             £50 for the course (£12.50 per session), payable in advance

For February/March 2018, we’ll be running a Wednesday evening course only, with FOUR spaces available

Time:             8.30pm

Duration:       1 hour


Wednesday 28 February 2018

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Wednesday 21 March 2018

(Please make sure you can make all of the dates before signing up – if you can’t make them all, email or call to discuss)

Here’s everything you need to know about the Beginners course:


To introduce people to bodyweight exercises suitable for a beginner


None. With an emphasis on squats, people who find sitting down difficult should enquire before booking

Sweat factor:   

An easy class with a lot of instruction.  Very occasional bursts of mild intensity when we start to put moves together

Things you’ll learn: 

  • What correct posture is, and how to position yourself so you can exercise safely
  • A simple warm up
  • How to perform a squat, a variation of a press up, an assisted chin up, and some core exercises
  • Some variations to make the exercises easier or harder
  • How to put the moves together to form a simple circuit


An understanding of basic bodyweight exercises, how they can be performed safely, and how to put them together to form a workout that can be done anywhere

What you could do afterwards:    

You could practice your bodyweight exercises at home in a circuit, feel more confident about returning to a gym, begin Personal Training, or take a spot in one of our intermediate classes

Suitable for:      


To ask a question or to book your space, call or text Keith on 07736 054341

Personal Training in Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex

Throughout August, we’re offering a brilliant way to get started with Personal Training – two sessions for the price of one.

Here at Springfield Pilates, we help people feel stronger, fitter, and more confident than ever before. We focus on form, fixing little niggles that have been bugging you, and giving you a foundation of strength to build upon.

So whether you haven’t moved since you did PE at school, if you know you should be doing strength work but don’t know where to start, or if you like the idea of a gym but would prefer a small, private studio, then send us a message via the Contact page to find out more or to book your sessions.

If you’re in Chelmsford, and you’ve always wanted to try Personal Training, there’s never been a better time.